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A Caboodle is a portable container in which make-up or art supplies can be stored and carried. It was a huge hit in the 80’s and 90’s amongst young girls and teens.

Caboodles often came in bright colors, with most of the cases coming in two color combos. Since they were often marketed towards girls, they could be seen in purple, pink, teal, and sea foam green.

The layout of Caboodle is similar to that of a tackle box. You would open it open where you would have a large opening at the bottom, and several folding decks where objects could be stored. In addition to that, some Caboodles would also be equipped with a small mirror so that girls could put on their make-up. Some Caboodles were even fitted with secret compartments.

Caboodles were and are beloved by young girls all around the world as they are great for sleepovers, putting on make-up and playing dress up.

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Seafoam green








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