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Teen Angel

Teen Angel is an American television show that first aired in 1997 on ABC. The show’s premise is about a high school student Steve Beauchamp (Corbin Allerd) whose guardian angel turns out to be his recently deceased best friend Marty DePolo (Mike Damus). Marty passed away after being dared in a game by Steve to eat a 6 month old ham burger under Steve’s bed; after he passes he is sent back to Earth to be Steve’s guardian angel. Marty’s guide on Earth is Rod (Ron Glass) a large orange head. Also in the cast is Maureen McCormick as Steve’s mother Judy, McCormick’s character was cut out of the series have way through the season.The show was created by the writers and producers behind the Simpsons Al Jean and Mike Reiss.

The show was created by ABC after the network had great success with Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the series New Witch. The network wanted to feature the series in the ABC Friday lineup named TGIF. Unfortunately for the show the networks Friday night line up hour had begun to decline shortly after the show was put into production. Teen Angel only last for 17 episodes being cancelled half way into the second season.

Mike Damus
Corbin Allred
Ron Glass
Maureen McCormick
Tommy Hinkley
Katie Volding
Jordan Brower



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