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Bugle Boy Jeans

Dr. William Mow founded Bugle Boy Jeans in the 1980’s.  Dr. Mow started off in electrical engineering, but when he signed a non-competition clause that lasted a few years he ventured out into apparel.  When the privately owned company started off they were a huge hit and continued to grow over the next few years. During this time the sales approached $1 billion.

Bugle Boy was known for affordable men’s and boy’s jeans and jeans shorts.  They also had a line of boys and men’s tops.  The denim pans were known to have an elastic cuff at the bottom and different styles of stitching.  The company was also known for their catch phrase ‘Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans that you’re wearing?’.

The company tried to branch out into different segments, such as women’s clothing in the late 1990’s. Unfortunately they did not find success and in 2001, the company declared bankruptcy and was sold to Schottenstein Stores Corporation for $68.6 million.  Bugle Boy closed 215 outlet stores after filing for bankruptcy.


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