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Crossfire was a board game introduced in the early 70s by the Milton Bradley Company. It became especially during the 90s, helped by its commercial featuring kids playing the game as an intense competition in the future.

The Crossfire board game was for two players, with gameplay very similar to air hockey. There is one small arena that the two players share on opposite sides. You would use a plastic hand gun attached to the board that shoots small round pellets, which you load manually. The object of the game was to shoot your pellets at two disks on the board and get them to slide into your opponents goal. It was more difficult than it sounds, though. If trying to aim tiny pellets at a small disk with a plastic shooter (which would often jam) wasn’t hard enough, you also had to do it while the other player was trying to shoot it in the opposite direction.


The difficulty of Crossfire was largely based on endurance, reflexes, and speed. The player had to keep track of two discs at the same time and aim accurately, especially at the one their opponent was targeting. The supply of pellets was also limited, so the players had to constantly reload their gun while still keeping track of the disks and stopping their opponents from getting an edge. After all this, it came down to the player’s endurance and ability to gain on the opponent and win the game.

Crossfire is no longer sold in stores, but there is still a used market on sites like Amazon and eBay.

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