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Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is a caffeine free soft drink that was created by PepsiCo in 1992.

Crystal Pepsi was created when the company began to take notice of other companies changing their formula for marketing and products. The drink was marketed as a caffeine free and “clear” alternative to normal dark colored colas. The “clearness” was supposed to appeal to those who were seeking a more pure and healthy drink.

After some testing the drink, PepsiCo launched Crystal Pepsi in April of 2002. The drink sold exceptionally well in it’s initial year due marketing campaigns during the Super Bowl. In response, Coca-Cola launched Tab Clear in December.

However, the drink was eventually pulled from shelves after lackluster sales in 1993 and later relaunched as a citrus drink named “Crystal From Pepsi”. But that product was also short lived.


Crystal Pepsi

Diet Crystal Pepsi

Crystal From Pepsi

Pepsi Clear

Diet Pepsi Clear



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