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Curly Sue

Curly Sue is a comedy-drama film centered around a homeless man and his young homeless companion. The film was directed by John Hughes and was released in 1991.

Curly Sue shows the story of Bill Dancer and his young sidekick, Curly Sue. Together they are a pair of homeless conns with hearts of gold as they only scam people to feed themselves. After one such sam they meet Grey Ellison, who backed her car in to Bill.

Afterwards, Grey puts up the two in her lush and home, along with her snotty husband. Through time, Bill and Grey get to know each other better. Bill explains that he has been raising Curly Sue since she was young, after her mother had passed. Grey becomes increasingly distraught over the fact that Bill has been using the young girl in scams.

After much time, Bill becomes convinced that Curly Sue would be better off staying with Grey and in a home and cared for by someone that can give her the advantages that a homeless man can not. However, Curly Sue has other ideas about where she belongs.

Curly Sue opened up to mostly negative reviews. However the film would mark the movie debut of future star Steve Carell.


Jim Belushi as Bill Dancer

Kelly Lynch as Grey Ellison

Alisan Porter as Curly Sue

John Getz as Walker McCormick

Fred Thompson as Bernard Oxbar

Cameron Thor as Maitre d’

Branscombe Richmond as Albert

Steve Carell as Tesio

Burke Byrnes as Dr. Maxwell



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