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Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa is an actor and teen sensation from the 90s known for his signature parted bangs haircut. Although much of his former popularity has faded, Mr. Sawa still has an active acting career to this day.

Devon Sawa was born in Vacouver, Canada in 1978 to Joyce and Edward Sawa. He started acting from a young age, even nailing the starring role in his kindergarten play.

In 1992 Devon was the face behind a wave of action toy commercials and used that momentum to transfer his career to the big screen. in 1994, he was picked up for the sports comedy “Little Giants,” which allowed him to catch his big break the next year in “Casper.”

While Sawa was not in the majority of “Casper,” his scene at the end of the film stole the show. In it he portrays Casper the Friendly Ghost after he’s transformed into a living boy for one more night, allowing him to kiss the girl he loves. It was a hit with young female audiences everywhere.

After “Casper,” Devon Sawa easily found a slew of work in other films while enjoying constant coverage in teen girl magazines like “16” and “Tiger Beat”.

His first major film as an adult actor was in the horror movie “Final Destination” where he played the starring role. “Final Destination” went on to become a major series, earning millions at the box office.

Notable Works
Little Giants – 1994
Casper – 1995
Now and Then – 1995
Wild America – 1997
Idle Hands – 1999
Final Destination – 2000
Stan (Eminem Music Video) – 2000


image courtesy of michellesaid.com

image courtesy of michellesaid.com

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