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Dharma & Greg

Dharma & Greg was a hugely popular American sitcom that aired for 5 seasons, from 1997 to 2002. It aired on ABC and was produced and created in part by Chuck Lorre, a writer and producer known for creating sitcoms including Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

Dharma & Greg is an Odd Couple-type scenario, featuring an uptight lawyer and a free-spirited yoga instructor who are inexplicably married. On their first date, Dharma and Greg get married and spend five seasons of prime-time television making it work. While Greg is a Harvard man, Dharma’s middle name is literally “Freedom,” and the hilarious combination contributed to its high of 20 million viewers.

After only five seasons, Dharma & Greg was cancelled due to declining ratings. The 1997 season turned out to be a bad year for television debuts, as Ally McBeal, another show that debuted in 1997, was cancelled the same year.

Despite its cancellation and being spoofed frequently by Family Guy, Dharma & Greg had a successful run as well as several Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Jenna Elfman, the actress playing Dharma, came away with a Golden Globe and two TV Guide Awards for best actress in a television series comedy.

Other cast members included Thomas Gibson as Greg, Susan Sullivan and Mitchell Ryan as Greg’s parents, and Mimi Kennedy and Alan Rachins as Dharma’s parents. Shae D’Lyn and Joel Murray were also prominently featured as Dharma and Greg’s friends.


Jenna Elfman
Thomas Gibson
Joel Murray
Mimi Kennedy
Alan Rachins
Mitch Ryan
Susan Sullivan



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