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Don’t Wake Daddy

Don’t Wake Daddy is a board game for kids introduced by Parker Brothers in 1992. It debuted to huge success among young kids and was one of the most popular board games in the early 90s.

Don’t Wake Daddy turns into a board game the idea of kids sneaking around the house late out night to get food from the kitchen. The board is composed of a trail of tiles that the players must travel across to reach the kitchen. In the middle is a plastic bed with the “dad” sleeping. Two to four players take turns with the spinner, which tells them what to color to move to. Depending on where they land, the player will have to push the alarm button a number of times. After a while, the dad will wake up, and the player who caused him to wake will have to return to the beginning. The person who reaches the kitchen first is the winner.

The game was most popular in the 90s, but it is still available to purchase from certain retailers. Don’t Wake Daddy was also the inspiration for a book as well as an art series by Martin Kippenberger.

Don't Wake Daddy

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