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Face Off

Face/Off is an American action thriller film that was released in 1997. The movie was produced by John Woo, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. The film became a huge financial success. John Travolta played an FBI agent, Sean Archer, out to get Nicolas Cage’s character, Castor Troy, a terrorist.

Sean secretly decides to undergo plastic surgery on his face, in order to resemble Castor and find out where the bomb is. Sean is taken to the prison where Castor’s brother is being held. After getting the information, he leaves but not before he is receives a visitor, Castor. To his surprise, Castor learned of his plan and decided to take Sean’s identity. Castor begins to live Sean’s life, acting as an FBI agent, husband and father. Archer finally breaks out of jail and begins to find out more information on Castor and begins to live his life.

The movie begins to take many twists and turns, both living the lives as the other person. They both begin to realize the effects of living each others lives takes on not only them, but the people they care about. Castor and Archer, out to get each other, engage in a gun and fist fight. Sean kills Castor in the end. People still do not know that Sean is actually Sean, just with Castor’s appearance. Finally, with the help of his wife, they convince the FBI that he is in fact Sean Archer.

Once released, Face/Off received many positive reviews from critics and fans. The movie was nominated and won multiple awards, including an ASCAP Award and an MTV Award. The movie has grossed over $245 million worldwide.

John Travolta – Sean Archer
Nicolas Cage – Castor Troy
Joan Allen – Eve Archer
Alessandro Nivola – Pollux Troy
Gina Gershon – Sasha Hassler
Dominique Swain – Jamie Archer




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