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Friday is a comedy film that came out in 1995. It was written by Ice Cube and and DJ Pooh, who star in the film along with Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, and other comic actors. The movie is about one day, a Friday, on which the characters played by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker must come up with $200 worth of drugs to pay a drug dealer. The entire movie takes place on this day and follows their trials trying to come up with the money.

In addition to being labeled a comedy, Friday is also a stoner move and a buddy movie, meaning that it’s about two buddies who also get high frequently. This works well with the plot, which is about two unemployed friends in Los Angeles who get in trouble with a drug dealer. The actions they take are arguably inefficient and result in fights, a drive-by shooting,

The movie was released to an overall positive reaction. It debuted at #2 and grossed over $28 million worldwide. It has two followup movies, “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next,” both of which were written by and starred Ice Cube.


Friday Cast:

  • Ice Cube as Craig Jones
  • Chris Tucker as Smokey
  • Nia Long as Debbie
  • Bernie Mac as Pastor Clever
  • Tiny “Zeus” Lister, Jr. as Deebo
  • John Witherspoon as Willie Jones
  • Anna Maria Horsford as Betty Jones
  • Regina King as Dana Jones
  • Paula Jai Parker as Joi
  • Faizon Love as Big Worm
  • DJ Pooh as Red

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