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Game Boy

Game Boy is a line of handheld video game devices that was developed and manufactured by Nintendo. The game system has interchangeable cartridges that contain different games produced by Nintendo.

It was first launched in 1989, Game Boy products have maintained to be the most successful in portable gaming. The first Game Boy device, also known as Game Boy Classic, has an high tech  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) graphics that were delivered in black and green colors.

The next Game Boy portable gaming consoles were Game Boy Pocket, a more compact version of the Classic, followed by Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, and finally Game Boy Macro.

Game Boy Color was probably the most influential advancement in the Game Boy series because it was the first “backwards compatible” gaming system, which means the system allows for the ability to play games designed for the Game Boy Classic but on Game Boy Color with limited colors. It was also the first handheld to allow information to wirelessly transfer between two systems through an infrared port.

The most recent Game Boy portable gaming system is the Game Boy Micro and it is smaller than an ipod. It is also the tiniest cartridge based gaming system ever made. The Micro has interchangeable face plates so it has greater commercial appeal, however, unlike its predecessors, it is not backwards compatible.

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