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Giga Pet

Giga Pet is a digital or “virtual” pet released by Tiger Electronics in 1997. This was right in the middle of the virtual pet fad that was occurring at this time. Brands like Tamagotchi

Giga Pets came in a variety of different characters that the owner would have to feed, play with, clean, and generally look after. Although they were only small, handheld key chains with tiny video screens, they required a lot of looking after. If you did not take adequate care of your Giga Pet, it would grow unhappy and, eventually, die. As a result, Giga Pets proved to be an incredible source of stress for some kids. Practically everyone can remember the feeling of dread that came when you could hear your pet beeping in your backpack, begging for food and care, and realized you had completely forgotten about it.

Giga Pets were born on the screen once the owner placed a tab in the back of the device. Each pet had different attributes and needs. You never knew exactly what the pet needed because it could only beep. Once you heard the beep, you were supposed to go through a whole list of actions and select the right one. If you didn’t, the Giga Pet would refuse you and you would have to try again. You had an idea of how happy your pet was by its score. The average lifespan for a Giga Pet was two weeks, but they sometimes lived much longer.

giga pet

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