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Gushers are produced by General Mills, under the Betty Crocker brand name. They are hexagon-shaped snacks that have a squishy and chewy outside with a thick juice in the middle. They are sugar packed snacks, containing some fruit juice and other ingredients.

When a person bites into the candy, the liquid that is filled inside gushes out. Recently, they created Mood Gushers, which come in a fruit punch flavor but have a different filling inside, so you do not know what you are going to get. Whatever color is inside of the gusher will turn your tongue the same color, hence ‘mood’ gushers.

Gushers come in a variety of flavors, recently adding a ‘mystery flavor’. You are able to buy gushers in bulk as well in variety packs. Gushers were also a major sponsor of the game show Uh Oh! from 2001 until 2003.

Screamin’ Green Apple
Burstin’ Berry Lemonade
Gushin’ Grape
Triple Berry Shock
Xtreme Kiwi Xplosion




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