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Hanson is an American band that made their debut on the American music scene in 1997 with the hit song “MMMBop” form their first album, Middle of Nowhere.

The pop rock band is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and is comprised of three brothers: Isaac (guitar, piano, vocals), Taylor (keyboards, piano, guitar, drums, vocals), and Zac (drums, piano, guitar, vocals).


Their first album, Middle of Nowhere, earned three Grammy nominations and sold over 16 million records worldwide.

This album was followed up by their Christmas album in 1997, Snowed In.

Prior to Middle of Nowhere, Hanson released Boomerang, although, it was no where near as much of a commercial success as Middle of Nowhere.

Their other albums include Live From Albertane (their live album released in 1998) and This Time Around (2000).

The Hanson’s record company, Mercury Records merged with Island Def Jam records and this sparked a series of poor performing albums and lack of funding. After three years, Hanson left Island Def Jam records to pursue creative freedom and independence.

After Hanson parted ways with Island Def Jam records, they released four more albums: Underneath (2004), The Walk (2007), Shout it Out (2010), and Anthem (2013). Of these albums, the single “Penny and Me” was most popular.


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