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Jaleel White

Jaleel White is an American actor, screenwriter, and child star who shook the 90s to its core. He is most famous for his daring portrayal of Steve Urkel on the sitcom, Family Matters.

Jaleel White was born to dentist, Dr. Michael White and home-maker, Gail White on November 26th 1976. He began acting in commercials at the age of 3 after a recommendation from his preschool teacher. Jaleel found success in commercials, even appearing in a Jell-O pudding pops commercial alongside Bill Cosby. His mother went on to be his manager.

Throughout his early childhood, Jaleel performed in a variety of short lived acting roles through guest spots on popular shows. He was also featured in less successful television programs like CBS’s rival to the Cosby Show, Charlie and Company.

At age 12, White struck gold when he landed a role on ABC’s Family Matters as Steve Urkel. While this was only meant to be a one-off character, White’s performance was so popular the show decided to take him on as a full time cast member. Known simply as “Urkel”, White’s character was famous for breaking expensive things and muttering his hilarious catch-phrase “did I do that?” To which the answer was almost always a yes.

After 10 years on Family Matters, Jaleel decided he was ready to move on. Since that time he has gotten regular television work and is still an active entertainer today.

Notable Works
Family Matters – 1989-1998
Sonic the Hedgehog – 1993-1994
Grown Ups – 1999-2000
Dream Girls – 2006


image courtesy of madamenoire.com

image courtesy of madamenoire.com

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