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Java is a computer software platform that was developed in the 1990s by Sun Microsystems as a way to write complex apps that could be cross-browser and cross-platform. This means that, using the Java programming language, programmers could create apps that would work for people using any browser on any computer or mobile device.

The central idea behind Java software is the use of the Java Virtual Machine, a virtual environment that allows the same code to be executed on any machine. Since it is this machine that executes the code on any machine, the code is cross-platform, but the machine is not, and users must have the Java Virtual Machine installed specifically for their platform in order to use or create Java applications.

As Java was developed and becoming available for more and more platforms in the 90s, it became a popular way to run apps in browsers and on various platforms. Browser games became common as more people began using the internet, and Java was one of the main ways to play early games.


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