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John Elway

John Elway born June, 28, 1960 is a former American football quarterback and GM and Executive Vice President of the Denver Broncos. In 1979 Elway enrolled at Stanford University where he played both football and baseball leading his football team to the Hall of Fame Classic bowl game. Although he did lose the Heisman Trophy he had a very accomplished football career.

In 1983 he went on to be drafted as the first overall pick for the Baltimore Colts. There was a lot of controversy surrounding is place on the team because of unsuccessful contract negotiations between himself and head coach Frank Kush. Elway threatened to publicly join the Yankees full time if the colts did not trade him, he then joined the Denver Broncos.

In 1986 he led the Broncos to the Super Bowl XXI defeating the Cleveland Brown for the championship. His final stats for the game where impressive, throwing a 304 yards, a touchdown, and one interception. In 1987 John Elway won the NFL MVP Award leading the Broncos to victory over the Browns in the AFC Final game. In 1989 he brought the Broncos to the Superbowl again but lost to the San Francisco 49ers. That loss was said to be one of the worst losses in history with a score of 55-10. Eight years later Elway brought his team to yet another Superbowl in 1998, during this time Elway retained an injury that ruptured his right throwing arm. Although he returned to play 19 days later the Broncos suffered another loss against the Green Bay Packers. In 1999 he was awarded MVP of Super Bowl XXXIII for throwing 336 yards and one touchdown with an interception during Denver’s win over the Atlanta Falcons.

In May 1999 John Elway retired from football being regarded as one of the top quarterbacks to ever play. His four total rushing touchdowns in the Super Bowl games he played are the most ever played by any quarterback.

Most Total Offensive Yards: 54,882 yards (51,475 passing, 3,407 rushing)
Most Total Touchdowns: 334 (300 passing, 33 rushing, 1 receiving)
Most Total Plays: 8,027
Winning Percentage: .641 (148–82–1)
Most Career Passing Yards: 51,475
Most Career Completions: 4,123
Most Career Attempts: 7,250
Most Touchdown Passes: 300


Source: sportsillustrated.cnn.com/

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