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Koosh Ball

A Koosh Ball is a toy ball that is made up of rubber strings and a soft and squishy rubber core.

The Koosh Ball was invented in 1986 by Scott Stillinger. He created it because he thought it would be an easier toy for his children to handle and play with. He has said the name of the ball derived from the sound it made when it landed on something. He then started OddzOn Products Inc. with his brother-in-law and began selling the toy. It would later become one of the top selling toys of 1988. Since then it has been estimated that Koosh Ball sales are somewhere in the millions.

The ball is made up of 2000 rubber filaments and can be purchased in an extensive variety of colors. A version of the ball was even created with cartoon like hands and feet.

As of now, the Koosh Ball brand and toy are owned under Hasbro. The company has since developed new lines for the product including Koosh Galaxy which is essentially a gun that shoots soft Koosh-like balls. They have also partnered their Koosh line with popular mobile game Angry Birds.

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