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Lite Brite

Lite Brite’s were a fun and creative toy that many kids played with in the 1990’s. The game originated in the late 1960’s by Hasbro. The toy allowed you to create many different designs using colored pegs. The colors you could choose from were green, red, yellow, pink, purple, white, blue, and orange. Hasbro also offered refill packs of the colored pegs for you to create many images.

To create designs, the artist would put the different colored pegs through black paper. Behind the paper a light would shine through, but only illuminating the pegs. Lite Brite’s came with different pre-made patterns allowing kids to form different pictures and popular characters.

Over the years and with advancements in technology, Lite Brite’s added more versions including, a flat screen version, an FX edition that plays music, and a 3D cube. Currently, there is a Lite-Brite app and websites available where you can still (virtually) create images with colored pegs.


Flat Screen
3D Cube
LED Flat Screen
Sun ‘N Nite Brite
Tonka Set




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