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Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata was a popular car in North America and Japan in the 90s known for its value and tight control. It was a beautiful vehicle, second only to the girl after which it was named.

Yuki Miata left the old neighborhood back in 76′. She was a smart girl with curious, smiling eyes, and hair that effortlessly fell down like it was sunshine. She never knew the timid young boy she spent her Sundays catchin’ frogs with would one day grow to be a confident, car designing man.

Years later he could still hear the sound of her heartbeat whenever he went back to that lake. The trees had the same ruffle, but the wind didn’t feel warm the way it used to.

She always talked about going off to be a painter. “Those are just dreams, Miata,” he said. “Dreams from the high you get after catchin’ a frog as thick as our friendship.” She would just laugh it off, and splash him with some mud. Miata wouldn’t be caught in that net of words. You couldn’t keep her in any net at all, be it debt, or pity, or even love.

The Mazda Miata was Wheel and Driver’s car of the year for 1989 and 2005. But Yuki Miata was always woman of the year to that engineer. From 1975 to forever.

Optional Hardtop
Anti-Roll Bar
1.6 Liter Straight-4 Engine
Anti-Lock Braking System
0-60 Miles per Hour in 8.1 Seconds

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