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Mia Hamm

Mia Hamm was a professional soccer player for the United States national team and one of the most high-profile American athletes of the 1990s. Born in 1972, she played for the USA from 1987 until her retirement in 2004, setting incredible records and leading the team in three Olympic tournaments. Hamm is considered one of the finest women’s soccer players of all time.

Hamm began playing soccer professionally when she was just 15 years old, joining the US national team and becoming its youngest member ever in the process. She was still attending high school at the time and playing forward on the Notre Dame Catholic High School team. In 1991, she was selected to be part of the United States team at the first-ever FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup in China, and scored the game-winning point in the team’s first match against Sweden. Hamm and the US team would go on to win the Cup over China, 2-1.

The next FIFA Cup in 1995 yielded only third place for Hamm and her teammates, but in 1996, she and the rest of the national team competed in the Summer Olympics, winning the gold medal (again over China). In 1999, Hamm traveled to the third FIFA Cup, this time held in America, and assisted the team in winning its final shootout with China to win the match. The final was held in the Rose Bowl and broke the record for most watched women’s sporting event in history.

In 2004, Hamm played in the Olympics once more and helped defeat Mexico 5-0 with two assists. Hamm was also chosen by the other American Olympians to carry the United States flag at the closing ceremonies in Athens. She then embarked on a “farewell tour” of the U.S. and announced her retirement in December of the same year.

Hamm also established the Mia Hamm Foundation in 1999 to help provide hospital funding, create women’s sporting opportunities, and encourage participation in the bone marrow registry.

Awards & Championships

  • 1989 – NCAA National Champion (University of North Carolina)
  • 1990 – NCAA National Champion (University of North Carolina)
  • 1991 – FIFA World Cup Champion (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 1992 – NCAA National Champion (University of North Carolina)
  • 1993 – NCAA National Champion (University of North Carolina)
  • 1995 – FIFA World Cup Third Place (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 1996 – Summer Olympics Gold Medal (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 1999 – FIFA World Cup Champion (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 2000 – Summer Olympics Silver Medal (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 2003 – WUSA Founder’s Cup Champion (Washington Freedom)
  • 2003 – FIFA World Cup Third Place (USA Women’s National Team)
  • 2004 – Summer Olympics Gold Medal (USA Women’s National Team)



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