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Micro Machines

Micro Machines became very popular beginning in the late 1980’s throughout the 1990’s. The machines were created by Galoob, which was later purchased by Hasbro in 1999. Micro machines were miniature collections of different automobiles and popular characters at the time. Compared to other toy car producers at the time, the cars and models were much smaller in size.

The sets included cars, trains, trucks, motorcycles, emergency vehicles and more. Collections were also made around Star Trek, Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Men In Black. Many of the collections were made based around popular events or characters at a particular time.

At one point in time, Micro Machines sold the most toy cars in the U.S. compared to their competitors such as Hot Wheels, and Matchbox. The machines were able to transform from different figures, making them extremely popular and versatile.

When Hasbro took over production of the cars, many of the popular products were discontinued. Many consumers did not respond to the new marketing they were trying to implement, such as new packaging. In 2006, Micro Machines were pulled from production. Unlike some of their competitors, consumers have not started to think of them as a collector’s item.


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Emergency Vehicles
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