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Monster in My Pocket

Monster in My Pocket was a media board game and franchise created by Morrison Entertainment Group led by Joe Morrison and John Weems. The focus of the line centered around monsters and creatures from religion, mythology, literary fantasy, science fiction cryptids, and other phenomena’s. The line produced trading cards, comic books, toys, a board game, a video game, an animated special, clothing, stickers, and other various items.

The first items from the line released were action figures in 1990. They were small plastic figurines designed to represent over 200 monsters, and other creatures from the series. The lines became extremely popular in the UK and Europe more so then the United States where they were originally developed.

Decipher Limited released the board game in the series; the premise of the game involved using monsters to fight batters in areas where they had different strengths. Those areas being New York, Tundra’s, Volcano’s, and Swamp’s.

In 1991 Konami Entertainment released a video to Nintendo. The concept of the video was very similar to that of the comic book with the idea that they must fight their way through the cities the beat Gremlin the boss. The only key difference in the video game being that half the monsters were now portrayed as villains while the other half remained the good guys.

In 1992 an animated special of the comic book and video game was released called Monsters in My Pocket: The Big Scream.  The series was produced by Hanna-Barbera and directed by Don Lusk.  The show ran through the entire year until Halloween, after of which it was not picked up for another season.
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