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Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun is part of a line of shooter product toys created by Parker Brothers and owned by Hasbro. Most of the toys are made from a foam-based material; they are used to make footballs, basketballs, baseball, and most importantly the nerf gun. Originally developed by Parker Brothers in 1969 by a man named Reyn Guyer from Minnesota, he was a games inventor who came to the company with the idea of a volleyball game that could be played safely indoors. Parker brothers did not pick up the idea but instead came up with a foam ball that was safe to play indoors. The main marketing slogan promised the community that it was safe to use indoors and that you wouldn’t be able to damage doors or windows.

Nerf sports were then developed as a wide range line for foam made sporting equipment. The line features foam footballs, baseballs, and basketballs all resembling actual sports balls. Nerf blasters became one of the most popular products created by Hasbro. The line contained plastic shooting guns, foam darts, and Velcro-tipped vests.

In June 2010 Hasbro filed a suit against Buzz Bee Toys and Lanard Toys for their patent violation of Nerf and Super Soaker brands. Over the years Nerf has expanded the line adding various new products to their existing line. In February 2013 Hasbro released the Nerf Rebelle geared mostly for girls. In November 2013 the book The Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book was released and written by Nathaniel Marunas. It talks about the history of Nerf and provides details on every Nerf Strike, Dart Target, and Vortex blaster product produced at the time.

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