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The Craft

The Craft is a teen horror-fantasy movie directed by Andrew Fleming. The film focuses on Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney), a troubled teen who moves from San Francisco to Los Angeles with her dad and stepmom. She quickly makes friends with a trio of witches, Bonnie (Neve Campbell), Nancy (Fairuza Balk), and Rochelle (Rachel True). The witches are part of a coven that worships the god Manon. They believe Sarah is the perfect person to complete their group, and they gradually become more powerful.
Things take a turn for the worst when Sarah falls in love with Chris (Skeet Ulrich), the popular kid at school who spreads a nasty rumor about Sarah. The girls begin to cast spells to get what they want: Sarah casts a love spell on Chris, Rochelle casts a revenge spell on a bully, Bonnie casts a beauty spell, and Nancy casts a power spell. All of these spells have negative consequences, but Nancy’s goes too far. She begins to terrorize the students at their high school, kills Chris, and tries to destroy Sarah. Sarah fights back, defeats Bonnie and Rochelle, and strips Nancy’s powers away from her.

Robin Tunney
Fairuza Balk
Neve Campbell
Rachel True
Skeet Ulrich
Christine Taylor
Breckin Meyer
Nathaniel Marston
Cliff De Young



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