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The Dream Team

The Dream Team refers to the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball team that won gold in Barcelona. Prior to 1992, the Olympic basketball teams consisted of only college players. For the first time in the Olympics, the team consisted of NBA players from different professional teams. The team played eight other countries, beating them by an average of 44 points and scoring over 100 points in every game. None of the teams could compete with them.

The team consisted of many greats including, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen and more. This squad changed the face of basketball around the world. People from other countries started to realize what a powerful sport it was and the potential it had to excel in their countries. The teams that they were playing in the Olympics were even fans of them. Most teams did not care they were losing, they were just happy to be playing with these greats.

While in Barcelona, the team was treated like royalty on and off the court. They became a phenomenon throughout their time at the Olympics, everyone wanting a piece of them. For the first time, other countries started to take interest in the sport, competing with the world’s most popular sport: soccer.

The Dream Team is commonly referred to as the greatest team ever assembled in any sport. Eleven out of the twelve players and three of the four coaches have all been voted into the Hall of Fame. The 1992 Olympics team changed the face of their sport all over the world.

Michael Jordan
Larry Bird
Magic Johnson
Charles Barkley
David Robinson
Patrick Ewing
Karl Malone
Scottie Pippen
Chris Mullin
Clyde Drexler
John Stockton
Christian Laettner



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