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Tom Green

Tom Green is an Canadian born comedian, actor, and entertainer. He is famous for his rowdy, lewd antics, and outrageous public pranks like sucking on a cow’s utter. His entertainment career peaked in popularity in the late 90s, but continues on today.

Michael Thomas Green was born in July of 1971 in Ontario, Canada. He was an energetic child with life in his eyes and wanderlust in his heart. Tom studied television broadcasting at Algonquin College, graduating in 1994. His parents would later appear regularly on his TV show looking unimpressed and disappointed with their son’s life choices.

Tom Green did not become a celebrity overnight. He began his career by doing stand up comedy at the local Yuk Yuk comedy club. In the early 90s Tom was also part of a rap group called Organized Rhyme under the name “MC Bones”. It was during his rap career that he became friends with Glen Humplik, who would later help him produce his TV show.

In 1993 Tom and Glen began working in television through their own public access show on cable TV for no pay. The Tom Green Show was in a variety format, ran for 60 minutes, and was heavily based around playing public pranks. In 1996 the show aired as a pilot on CBC and was picked up by the Comedy Network where it ran for 2 seasons.

The show had a breakthrough into mainstream culture when it moved to MTV in 1999. Due to his rise in popularity, Tom had a harder time doing pranks on the street and switched to victims who were mainly senior citizens or non-native English speakers. After his time on MTV, Tom found success in raunchy, Hollywood comedy films such as Freddy Got Fingered.

Notable Works
– The Tom Green Show – 1994-2003
– Road Trip – 2000
– Freddy Got Fingered – 2001
– Tom Green Live 2013-2014


image courtesy of rapgenius.com

image courtesy of rapgenius.com

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