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Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is an American actress and author. The daughter of Candy Spelling and famous producer Aaron Spelling, Tori started in the spotlight at a young age. Her first and most famous major television role was as Donna Martin in the popular 90s television show Beverly Hills 90210.

As a young girl, Tori Spelling was already starring in a variety of television shows, ranging from “The Love Boat” to “Saved By the Bell.” At 17, she landed the role of Donna Martin in her father’s show “Beverly Hills 90210”, and remained in the role for seven years. Fun fact: despite how her character was depicted, the show kept Donna a virgin for 7 years because Aaron Spelling didn’t want his daughter to be associated with promiscuity. After Beverly Hills 90210, she went on to act in many made-for-television films, and even some independent ones.

Her recent work in reality television has garnered her a great deal of attention. Her husband Dean McDermott and her starred in “Tori & Dean: Inn Love”, a popular t.v. show about the couples struggles to run a bed and breakfast as well as raise a family. Her 2008 autobiography, sTORI Telling was a major success. Recently, she’s spent more time writing books, including “Mommywood”, “UNCHARTED TERRITORI”, “Spelling It Like It Is”, and “CelebraTORI”.


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