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Being a kid in the 90s was truly a magical thing. We had some of the best toys and games ever created, like Bop-It, Gak, Pogs, and Silly Putty. If you forgot all about your favorite pastime or just want to see what you missed out on, check out all the best 90s toys and games.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a game that was first developed in 1979 after the release of the Star Trek Electronic Phasers. Since then, the game has become [...]

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank is known for her artwork that appears on many different products, targeting young girls. Lisa Frank Incorporated was formed in 19 [...]

Lite Brite

Lite Brite’s were a fun and creative toy that many kids played with in the 1990’s. The game originated in the late 1960’s by Hasbro. T [...]

Micro Machines

Micro Machines became very popular beginning in the late 1980’s throughout the 1990’s. The machines were created by Galoob, which was la [...]

Mighty Max

Mighty Max began as a toy line created by Bluebird Toys in 1992. In the United States, Mattel, Inc distributed Mighty Max’s. The toys rese [...]

Monster in My Pocket

Monster in My Pocket was a media board game and franchise created by Morrison Entertainment Group led by Joe Morrison and John Weems. The fo [...]

Mr. Bucket

Mr. Bucket is a tabletop game published by Milton Bradley in 1992. The game features a plastic motorized bucket that pushes out various colo [...]

Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun is part of a line of shooter product toys created by Parker Brothers and owned by Hasbro. Most of the toys are made from a foam-bas [...]

Ouija Board

The Ouija Board also known as a spirit board or talking board is a flat spiritual board with marking of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9, and t [...]


Pogs was a game that surged in popularity during the 1990’s. The game featured the use of little round discs that were decorated with [...]

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards were collectable trading cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game that were immensely popular in the 1990’s. The cards fe [...]

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket was a series of girls’ dolls during the 1990’s. The name originates from the small nature of the dolls, that when o [...]

Power Wheels

Power Wheels were first created in 1984, but not until1988 did the cars really start to get attention. By 1990, they were selling over a mil [...]

Puppr Surprise

What is Puppr Surprise? [...]

Puppy Surprise

Puppy surprise was a children’s toy created by Hasbro in the 90s. It was a plush female dog and the surprise was that the she was preg [...]

Roller Blades

Roller blades are a type of roller skates that are used for inline skating. These skates are unique because they have four or five wheels in [...]

Silly Putty

Silly Putty is a goo-like toy that comes in a plastic egg. Silly Putty is manufacture by Crayola, LLC and is trademarked by them as well. It [...]


Skip-It is a children’s toy manufactured by Tiger Electronics and was invented by Mel Kennedy and Avi Arad. It was originally designed [...]

Sky Dancers

Sky dancers were a toy in the 1990s that had an animated television series made based on the toy line. They consisted of a doll with wings a [...]


Snardvark was an electronic board game for ages 5 and up made by the gaming company Parker Brothers. It was released in 1992 and was designe [...]

Super Soaker

Super Soaker is a line of recreational water pistols that shoot water from a reservoir with greater force and over a longer distance than tr [...]
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