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Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop or Virtua Squad is a first person gun shooter action arcade game created in 1994 by Sega AM2 and headed up by YU Suzuki. It was originally created to be an arcade game in 1994 but was later sent to the Sega Saturn in 1995 and to Microsoft Windows in 1997. Virtua Cop was one of the first games of its kind with a heavy influence on both and light and first person gun shooting games. It was the first game at the time to introduce 3D polygons to the genre of arcade games. It was said to influence games like Time Crisis, The House of the Dead series, Resident Evil, and Dead Space: Extraction. The biggest game influence came with GoldenEye 007 in 1995.

The gameplay focuses on a detective that uncovered an illegal operation and is able to trace it back to a crime syndicate group named E.V.L. Inc. He gathers a large amount of evidence but upon apprehending the group he is killed. Fellow policemen Harder and Cools become aware of the detectives dangerous investigations and soon take on the responsibility of tracking down the E.V.L. Inc led by crime boss Joe Fang and his gang of followers.

In 2008 a mini-game in Sega Superstars Tennis was based off of Virtua Cop, it used a Wii Remote to shoot the crooks, being referred to as Virtua Squad. In 2012 the action game Ghost Squad dedicated a default gun called the Guardian that was based off a weapon in Virtua Cop.

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