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All That was an American sketch comedy show on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005. It starred almost exclusively young actors, many of whom went on to star in their own shows and movies, such as Amanda Bynes and Kenan Thompson. It was created by Dan Schneider, Brian Robbins, and Mike Tollin, who borrowed the basic concept from 1980s Canadian sketch show You Can’t Do That On Television.

All That first premiered on April 16, 1994 with a cold open that lampooned ridiculous sneakers. This set the tone for the show as it gently mocked 90s teen culture, parodied other popular TV shows, and established absurd running gags such as the abuse of Kevin the Stage Manager and the legendary series of “Good Burger” sketches starring Kel Mitchell. All That also featured musical guests such as Aaliyah, TLC, and The Spice Girls.

Popular cast members included Amanda Bynes, who would go on to star in The Amanda Show, also on Nickelodeon; Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson, who starred in their show Kenan & Kel as well as the feature film Good Burger; Gabriel Iglesias, now a stand-up comedian; and Nick Cannon, who hosted The Nick Cannon Show and America’s Got Talent in addition to embarking on a successful career in music.

After the sixth season in 2000, Nickelodeon briefly canceled the show to find replacements for most of the main cast, as they were leaving to work on their own solo projects. When the show returned in 2002, it relied more heavily on guest stars to maintain viewership, featuring appearances by Aaron Carter, P. Diddy, and Justin Timberlake. Nickelodeon also began an annual contest called R U All That? to find new cast members. Jamie Lynn Spears also joined the cast from 2002-2004.

After its cancellation at the end of season 10 in 2005, All That reruns aired in syndication on Nick At Nite until 2012, and currently air on TeenNick (without musical guests).

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