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Ally McBeal

Ally McBeal is an American television series that aired on Fox from 1997 – 2002. The show was a legal -comedy- drama series featuring actress Calista Flockhart as a young lawyer working in a Boston law firm.

The fictional law firm, Cage and Fish, also had other young lawyers and the show centered around these eccentric, dramatic, and comedic lives.

The show’s main character, Ally, leaves her job to go work at Cage and Fish. Ally finds out on her first day that she will be working along-side her ex-boyfriend who she is not over yet. Her ex-boyfriend gets married to another lawyer, Georgia, who begins working at Cage and Fish as well. This love triangle forms the plot for the first few series.

Though the show was a legal drama, the real focus was on the personal lives of the main characters. Legal proceedings are used as a plot device to construct the characters personalities and dramatic lives.

There are, however, real social issues that are addressed in the series and this is done through legal proceedings that prompt these discussions. Romance, especially those that take place in the office, is still the central focus of the show.


Ally McBeal: played by Calista Flockhart
Richard Fish: played by Greg Germann
Elaine Vassal: played by Jane Krakowski
Georgia Thomas: played by Courtney Thorne-Smith
Billy Allen Thomas: played by Gil Bellows
John Cage: played by Peter MacNicol
Renée Raddick: played by Lisa Nicole Carson



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