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Braveheart  is a 1995  drama produced, directed and staring Mel Gibson. King Edward “Longshanks” (Patrick McGoohan) conquers Scotland in 1280 after Alexander lll of Scotland dies with no heir to the throne. William Wallace (Mel Gibson) returns from living with his Uncle Argyle (Brian Cox) but does not agree with Longshanks rule. He marries his childhood friend Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack) in secret so she will not have to go to bed with Longshanks. Some time later Murron gets taken by English soldiers who rape and eventually publicly kill her. An infuriated Wallace rebels against the English and slaughters the men whom executed Murron, sending the rest back to England to Longshanks.

To take vengeance on Wallace, Longshanks sends his Son Edward ll of England to kill Wallace however Wallace has become a legend through stories of rebellion and bravery. Wallace assembles an army to Stirling killing Longshanks nephew and sending his head back to the King. After his victory Wallace seeks a partnership with Robert the Bruce (Angus Macfayden) a candidate in line for Scottish throne.

Upon receiving the head of his nephew Longshanks sends his son’s wife Isabella of France (Sophie Marceau) to convince Wallace not to start a war secretly hopping that Wallace will kill her causing a war with the King of France. Isabella develops a strong attraction to Wallace and instead warns him of Longshanks plan to invade Scotland.

At the battle between the Scots and Longshanks, Wallace attempts to kill the king but is intercepted accidentally by Robert the Bruce. Robert brings Wallace to safety and plans to fight with Wallace not knowing his own father Robert the Elder (Ian Bannen) is partially responsible for having Wallace captured. In London Wallace is executed publicly after refusing to show mercy. In 1314 Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland and leads his army to capture England.

Mel Gibson
Sophie Marceau
Patrick McGoohan
Catherine McCormack
Angus Macfadyen
Brendan Gleeson
James Cosmo
Peter Hanly
Ian Bannen
Brian Cox

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