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Bubble Beeper

Bubble Beeper was a brand of gum popular with kids, especially junior high and high school kids, in the 1990s. Riding the coattails of the 90s beeper boom, Bubble Beeper was meant to be both a tasty treat and a fashion statement. It’s large and stylish container drew in a lot of business. Kids would use the containers as clip-on coin purses long after the gum had been consumed. In a way, it became a “cool kid” symbol, and many collected the boxes just to fit in with the trend.

Like Buzzfeed lists, Bubble Beeper gum benefited from the odd and specific numbers of gum contained in each box: most had 17 sticks of gum. Each stick of gum was pretty sizable, and they were wrapped in all sorts of weird, beeper-related phrase like “Sorry, Line’s Busy!” or “See You Later!”.

Like Yikes! Pencils, Bubble Beeper’s popularity was fleeting. With the coming of the cell phone, personal pagers were phased out of the market, becoming irrelevant. Bubble Beeper followed the same trajectory. They are now considered an oddity, a weird moment for the 90s generation. While no one talks about them anymore, many people today still look for bubble beepers, hoping to fulfill some of their 90s nostalgia.



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