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Bubble Tape

Bubble Tape is a brand of bubblegum produced by The Wrigley Company. It was introduced to the market in the late 80s, but it’s moment in the spotlight came in the 1990s, when it witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity.

Bubble Tape was an innovative concept at the time, boasting over 6 feet of gum and acting as a tape dispenser of sorts. It’s smart packaging (big, round container, sort of like a hockey puck) and clever marketing campaign garnered it a lot of attention from preteens. This was partly because Wrigley marketed the gum as a haven for preteen chewers: “it’s six feet for you, not them [in other words, parents].” Many of the advertisements featured disapproving adults, especially school faculty members, which, of course, made Bubble Tape all the more attractive to young users. There was also something distinctively fun about Bubble Tape. After all, it was over 6 feet of pure sugar. Kids often competed to see who could fit the most Bubble Tape gum in their mouth.

Although it is nowhere near as popular today as it was then, it’s still possible to buy Bubble Tape and cram it all in your mouth like you did when you were a kid. Some of its flavors include “Awesome Original,” “Sour Green Apple,” “Cotton Candy,” “Juicy Fruit,” and “Sour Blue Raspberry.”


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