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The wallet, billfold, or the knapsack as some would refer to it as is a small flat case that is used to carry personal items more specifically cash, credit cards, driver’s license etc. Normally made of leather or leather like material the size can vary. The evolution of the wallet has changed drastically in style and usage. When wallets were first introduced in the 1600’s they were mostly used to carry around metal coins, until the first currency was invented in Massachusetts in 1690. From that point on the invention of credit cards in the 1950’s updated the design of the wallet which remained the same for most of the 2oth century until the Velcro wallet was introduced in the 1970’s and the bill-fold in 1996.

Due to an explosion of pick potting, among men more so then women because they tend to carry their wallets in the back pocket of jeans or pants, people began to carry wallets on a thin metal chain attached to the the inside of their coat or pocket. This chain wallet trend became popular among bikers and motorcycle groups as a way of keeping their items held securely to them when they rode their motorcycles. Chain wallets also became hugely popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s during the “Punk” fashion period and in the early 1990’s during the “grunge” fashion period also called “Heavy metal fashion“. A future updated version of the chain wallet is a longer shaped wallet with a leather strap or band that holds it to various items of clothing. Currently there are more then 15 different styles of wallets including: Breast wallet, Bi-fold, Tri-fold, Front pocket, long, wallet band, wrist wallet, travel wallet, id case “neck pouch”, shoe wallet, digital wallet, and side by side, etc.


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