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CK One

CK One is one of Calvin Klein’s most popular fragrances that first hit the market in 1994. The fragrance, created by Alberto Morillas and Harry Freemont, was unisex, making it popular among many people. People have described the fragrance as smelling of citrus, jasmine, rose, organ, lemon, pineapple and green tea. The scent is a very casual, day scent.

Calvin Klein first began designing clothes in 1968 in New York City. The fashion house continued to expand over the next few years, appearing in many different top fashion magazines and making a name in the industry.

Over the years Calvin Klein expanded into many different areas and styles. They have men and women’s clothing, CK Jeans, CK underwear, CK Sport, CK Home, and much more. In 2002, they were sold to Phillips van Heusen, who is currently still running the company.

Over the years, CK One has expanded into body wash, deodorant, skin moisturizer and a body spray. CK One the fragrance, is still sold today, along with the other expansions. Their fragrance line was managed by Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company but was taken over by Coty, Inc., in 2005.


Unisex Fragrance
Body Wash
Skin Moisturizer
Body Spray




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