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Crocodile Mile

Crocodile Mile was a slip-and-slide toy that was introduced in the 80s and became popular throughout the 90s. It featured a long plastic mat that ended with a small pool. Like other slip-and-slides, you just keep the mat wet and kids would take turn jumping on it to slide to the end. The Crocodile Mile also had a large crocodile mouth set up with a bump that would launch kids up just before the pool.

The brand Crocodile Mile was launched by Marchon in the 80s and became popular enough to support a whole range of Crocodile Mile products. The infamous commercial that aired for the original Crocodile Mile featured a catchy theme song with the slogan “You run, you slide, you hit the bump and take a dive!”

After the original slip and slide, Marchon launched a number of other water-themed products, including other slides, pools, inflatable soakers, and other accessories.

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