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Diablo is an action role playing video game created by Blizzard North for Blizzard Entertainment on December 31, 1996. The game takes place in a role playing interactive world that the player navigates through with a mouse. The main plot of the game is centered about a fictional city known as the Kingdom of Honduras set in the world of Sanctuary. The player is given full control of the city by building an army to demolish the Lord of Terror. There are three character classes in the game, each class has a different set of characteristics and assigned attributes along with a set skill. The first class is the Warrior, he is the most physical character in the game specializing in close quarter fighting and durability his greatest attribute is Strength. Second class character is the Rogue. The Rogue is a master of weapons in particular using them to attack enemies from a far distance; his greatest attribute is the ability to disarm traps. The last and equally important character class is the Sorcerer aka Spell-caster. The Sorcerer can learn the most spells at the highest levels in the game. Although he is the weakest in physical strength his specific attribute, Magic, is one of the most important attributes in the game.

Originally created to be played on PC, in 1998 Diablo was adapted into a game for the PlayStation console platform by Electronic Arts. It features a two –player coop mode as well as the choice to learn the story through a narrator. In 1997 the first expansion pack was created called Diablo: Hellfire, it features two addition dungeon locations, a side story line, new magical items, and new quests. Diablo has received numerous awards since its 1996 release including Game Spot’s Game of the Year in 1996 and Game Sport’s #1 of all PC games in 1997.

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