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The Discman, a name created for the first portable CD player on the market made by Sony in 1984. Like a fill size CD player, this portable version would determine the reflection of light cast off the CD. Sony worked for years improving the design of the CD player and reducing the power and parts needed to create it. The original goal of the project was to create a player equivalent to the size of a CD case at about 13.4 cm across and 4 cm thick. The first successful version was released into the market was the D-50 player in 1984, the device offered the same amount of features as the full size CDP-101 version only it was without a remote and a quarter of the price at $350. The D-50 was released in 1984 two years of the CD was produced.  The item became a successful hit internationally sparking higher growth profits for CD’s. Sonny went on to produce multiple versions of portable players from the early 1980’s to the 2000, amount those the WM-2  Discman and Cassette player a light player with anti rolling mechanism. The MDR-E252, the first in ear headphones in a clear see through color; along with the MDR-R10 the first headphones in the world made from a bio cellulose material making them substantial heavier and much more sturdy then prior model before them.

As technology developed over the years the demand for portable CD players declined rapidly. In a new age where MP3S and digital audio players over power a Disc or Walkman there was no longer a need for CD’s. Eventually Mini Disc’s were taken over by iPhones or smartphones and the Discman no longer existed.

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