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Dragon Flyz

Dragon Flyz was a European and American television series created by Savin Yeatman-Effiel. The show took place in a 41st century post-apocalyptic world where dragon-riders (human or reptilian) and gargoyles are at war for the complete domination of Earth. In the midst of this battle are four siblings that must come together to stop a mutant named Dred Wing who intends on destroying what is left of the human race and conquering the city these humans come from. Although most of the city has been destroyed the remaining humans live in an air-borne city called “Airlandis”. The city provides the Dragonators with fuel so they can continue their missions. The only source of power in the city is a volcanic amber that the Dragon Flyz must locate and protect from mutants, without it there floating city will not be able to survive.

The total damage done to the world during that time period is never fully stated however the opening titles in the series suggest that the state of the ground below the city can be compared to a post nuclear wipeout. On the surface the skies are constantly cloudy with lighting storms, dangerous air currents, acidic clouds, and “Warp Winds” that can only be avoided by finding shelter in hollow mountains known as “Wind Pits”. Animals on the surface have adapted to the new environment and unusual weather patterns.
The characters of the series were divided into two categories: Human and Mutant. The humans consisted of: Z’neth (Dragonator One) the leader of the pack and the eldest of the four siblings. Summit (Dragonator Two) the more witty and angry sibling. Apex (Dragonator Three) the middle and only female sibling, she has special abilities which allow her to communicate with dragons. Last but not least Peak (Dragonator Four) is the youngest and most irresponsible of the siblings often being very egotistical and a trouble maker.

There have been two sets of toy lines released by Galoob. The first set contains a DVD and main character dolls built with rotating wings that enable them to be launched in the air by a dragon shaped device. The second set does not contain a DVD nor does the launcher look like a dragonfly; all of the figures carry fire arm like futuristic weapons.

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