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Early Edition was an American serialized fantasy-drama that aired on CBS from 1996 to 2000. It told the story of a man who begins to receive a copy of the Chicago Sun-Times a day early, prompting him to take action to help people before they know they’re in trouble. The show starred Kyle Chandler and developed a passionate fanbase before being canceled in its fourth season.

Chandler played Gary Hobson, a Chicago resident who loses his job as a stockbroker and is divorced immediately afterward. Hobson begins living in a hotel, where he begins to receive mysterious, prophetic copies of the Sun-Times that allow him a glimpse into the future. Though Gary often does not wish to have this gift (and has little idea how he acquired it), he is an idealist by nature and feels bound to act in the best interests of others.

Hobson’s friend Chuck Fishman (Fisher Stevens) acts as a foil, attempting to reason with Hobson and frequently acting cynical in the face of idealism. The two are mediated by Marissa Clark (Shanesia Davis-Williams), the receptionist at Hobson’s old office. Clark is blind, but can metaphorically “see” better than Fishman or Hobson himself, and often helps Hobson sort out the problems with which he is faced. Eventually, Fishman begins to help Hobson more actively as well, though Stevens become only a guest star for Early Edition’s latter two seasons.

Early Edition featured family-friendly drama and a host of popular guest stars, including George Takei and Tara Lipinski, making it a hit with viewers across the United States. Despite massive support in polls from fans, CBS decided not renew Early Edition for a fifth season, and the show ended in May 2000. It was rerun in syndication by Fox Family, TVGN, and FamilyNet, among others, worldwide.

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