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Fabio Lanzoni, known simply as “Fabio” is an Italian model, actor, and masterpiece, born March 15, 1959. He is famous for his modeling work on the cover of hundreds of romance novels in the 1980s and 90s. His body type has become something of a standard for the industry by this point, leading to many long haired, Hercules-jawed models finding work in his wake.

Fabio‘s beautiful, chiseled figure makes him a natural front man for any sort of thing you may need fronted. He has been the spokesperson for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Geek Squad, Nationwide Insurance, and Oral-B.

Fabio is not only an expert of looks, but also an expert of love. His many admirers have been left with their hearts crushed as he chooses another companion over them, year after year. But Fabio cannot be expected to please everybody. He is just a man, and a man has only one heart to give.

Fabio famously collided with a goose on the virginal voyage of a roller coaster at Busch Gardens Willamsberg, leaving a cut above his nose. A lesser man would have been dashed by that goose, and many have thanked him for taking the blow on their behalf.

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Tricep Madness


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