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Gooey Louie

Gooey Louie is a board game developed by Goliath Games. A hit with kids in the 90s, the game maximized on the gross-out trend popular with younger children during that decade (think Gak, Double Dare, and Garbage Pail Kids). Take, for instance, the stated goal of the game: “To pick gooeys out of Louie’s nose without making
him sneeze his brains out.”

That was basically the point of the whole game. In a Russian roulette fashion reminiscent of Don’t Wake Daddy, kids took turns provoking Louie by taking turns picking his nose. You rolled a die and, depending on the number, you either picked one or two “gooeys” from Louie’s nose. Other outcomes included losing your turn or reversing the order of play. You never knew which gooey would push Louie too far and cause him to sneeze his brains out. This was the best part about the game. You were constantly on edge, never too sure if your gooey was the one that would explode Louie’s brains out of his head.

In recent years, Gooey Louie has been revamped for today’s kids and made readily available for sale. There is even a Facebook profile you can like and a twitter account to follow!



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