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G Shock is a Japanese brand of watches manufactured by Casio in 1983 designed mostly for sports, military, and outdoor activity.  The first G Shock called the Casio DW-5000C was designed by an engineer who wanted to introduce a triple 10 concept. The 10 concept included: a 10 year battery life, water resistance up to 10 bar, can survive a 10m fall and a 10 layer protective quartz time mechanism. The watch was received well and became popular among people looking for sporty functional watches. Fans of the brand include: firemen, paramedics, police officers, astronauts, film directors, and Special Forces. Shortly after that The Baby-G watch models were released in 1991. By 1998 19 million G-Shocks were sold worldwide with a high demand for over 200 more new models.

In present day the brand has expanded to include atomic clock synchronization and to tough solar functions. G Shock is the official watch for Nissan Motorsport International Racing (NISMO). The Frogman line by G Shock has become one of the most sought after collector’s watches. Over the course of a decade 5 of the lines watches have been approved for NASA space travel. The brand has also attracted celebrity fans, award winning directors: Ron Howard, Francis Ford-Coppola, and Tony Scott have all been photographed wearing the watches on film sets. In 2012 Casio released the first of its kind  Bluetooth capable G Shock model from the brand.

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