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Hang Time

Hang Time is an American teen sitcom that was on the air from 1995 – 2000. The show is about a boy’s basketball team from the fictional Deering High School in Indiana. The team had only one female player, Daniella Deutscher who played the character of Julie Connor. Deutscher and her classmate, Megan Parlen (as Mary-Beth Pepperton) were the only two that appeared in every episode of Hang Time.

The show was created by Troy Searer, Robert Tarlow, and Mark Finkran. Hang Time ran for 6 seasons and aired on Saturday mornings on NBC.



Daniella Deutscher
David Hanson
Chad Gabriel
Megan Parlen
Hillary Tuck
Christian Belnavis
Robert Michael Ryan
Reggie Theus
Kevin Bell
Michael Sullivan
Anthony Anderson
Paige Peterson
Adam Frost
Amber Barretto
Mark Famigletti
Dick Butkus
Danso Gordon
James Villani
Jay Hernandez
Phillip Glasser





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