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JNCO is a Los Angeles based jeans company that specializes and boys and men’s jeans. JNCO is an acronym forĀ “Judge None, Choose One” and was founded in 1985 by Milo and Jacques Revah.

The company started getting recognition from its straight legged denim jeans, which had a unique street look and included their unique pocket logos. The street look, with the company, originated in Los Angeles with both the style and brands popularity expanding across the country.

The jeans were mainly sold in skater and hip-hop specialty shops in the early 90s. But once their popularity began to grow, big-chain department stores like Kohl’s and J.C. Penny. started to sell their products.

Their styles of jeans varied, some having extremely wide leg openings where children wouldn’t be able to put them on standing up, to more conservative styled jeans. They were also known for their gigantic back pockets that featured cartoonish designs, such as thir JNCO Crown logo. They even began to name their jeans after the type of caricature was imprinted on the back pocket. For example, their Kangaroos were a style with 34-inch leg openings and had a catroon kangaroo with boxing gloves on the back pocket.

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