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Lycos is a search engine and web portal that was established in 1994. Today, it’s known for its variety of email, webhosting, entertainment, and social networking sites, as well as its search engine feature.

Started as a research project by Michael Loren Mauldin at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994, Lycos Incorporated was formed through funding from CMGI. It was originally developed as a web portal supported by web advertisements. It knew success from the beginning, enjoying years of growth throughout the 1990s. By 1997, it was widely considered one of the most profitable internet sites in the world. Lycos also filed the fastest IPO in Nasdaq history in 1996. In 1999, it was the world’s most visited site, with users from over 40 different countries contributing to its popularity.

In recent years, Lycos has moved away from the strategies that made it such a success in the 1990s. In 2005, the company moved away from being a search-engine portal and focused its sights on creating a community destination for broadband entertainment content. The company also began to divest itself from the properties it acquired throughout the nineties. In 2006, it came out with the Lycos Phone, which combined real-time video, video chat, and an MP3 player. It was also a pioneer of video applications and music mix technology.



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