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Mighty Max

Mighty Max began as a toy line created by Bluebird Toys in 1992. In the United States, Mattel, Inc distributed Mighty Max’s. The toys resembled the popular Polly Pocket toys but were marketed for young boys. The toys had two main lines: the Doom Zones and the Horror Heads. Both of these play sets were centered around a boy, Mighty Max. The two themes had many different series inside of them. They also had a large-size play set.

Mighty Max had blonde hair, wore jeans and a shirt and cap with the letter M on them. The Doom Zone set featured Max in a horror theme with scary creatures. The Horror Heads contained heads of multiple scary creatures. The toys were then franchised out into a television series and a video game.

The TV series only aired for two seasons in 1993 and 1994. It followed Max, Virgil (Max’s mentor) and Norman (Max’s bodyguard). The series follows them fighting mystical creatures and trying to survive.

Mighty Max was later turned into a video game as well. The game was available on Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive. Mighty Max’s allowed for children to open up their imaginations and see an ordinary kid, travel through time and be a hero.

Toy Lines

Doom Zones
Horror Heads
Large-Size Playsets
Battle Warriors
Shrunken Heads
Hairy Heads




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